August 10, 2016


Comment which you prefer, and why!

It feels kind of like someone copied that smart kid’s homework… and got a better grade!

At first I was that Whatttttt they copied Snapchat?? (Minus the awesome filters Snapchat offers).
I was shocked and confused. How could they… and then I realized I have only had Snapchat for about 5 months. And I’ve been an Instagram user for years.

I was late to jump on the band wagon and those filters finally got me! How could anyone not want to be a little puppy or have flawless skin with the ‘perfect complexion” filter?

My thoughts on Instagram stories are that I really like it! It has all the same benefits of Snapchat and helps users grow their following. It allows people and brands to be more personal which a huge plus is for marketing purposes. It tells a story behind the picture and gives life to the traditional feeling of IG. Snapchat is more personal where on Instagram everyone can see your posts.

In Instagram Stories the text features are awesome! They have a slight drop shadow to white text, a highlighter paint stroke, and a neon look to the drawing markers. It is so easy to re-post onto your main Instagram feed once you post to your story. That’s a nice feature I enjoy.

I love so many things about it… I have continued to use both Instagram and Snapchat, but finding it really hard to keep up with both. Now I feel like I am on my phone too much trying to capture the same moment. Most of the time I prefer to use IG stories as I feel there is a much greater audience to capture, and in turn will matter more… I am seeing the same struggle with IG and Snap users. Some of them are even mentioning that “tomorrow I will post all my stories on Snapchat for my Snap followers”… so clearly it is causing some controversy in the social media world.

Either way I will continue to use both as I think both platforms offer something different. I am excited to see what both of these App’s do next!

Now let’s hear how you feel in the comments below!

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